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The Dominican Republic is a paradise on earth and it literally has everything you have ever dreamed about. I would welcome the GCC and Middle East travelers to come and explore our country

Motaz Othman, 

During ATM18, I had the chance to visit Dominican Republic Stand at ATM18, I noticed a big stand with nice decoration and had the chance to meet Ms. Alexandra Streltsova, I asked her:
Q: I can see a big stand for Dominican Republic Tourism at Arabian Travel Market 2018, together with private Sector representing Hotels & Resorts, for sure, you invest good money and came from the other part of the world with files and a lot of attractions and types of Tourism in Dominican Republic to show GCC and Middle Travelers, please let us know what Dominican Republic has to offer?  
A:  As you well noticed, we increased the stand space comparing to previous years, in response to the demand of the private sector interested in the GCC markets. The Dominican Republic is a destination like no other. Located right in the heart of the Caribbean region, it is a great hub for those travelers who want to explore the Caribbean, as this country is a melting pot for different cultures, where you can find any feature of the Caribbean and LA countries. Our official slogan, Has it all, reflects the variety of options we offer to every budget and needs. Comfortable climate round-a-year, Atlantic ocean, Caribbean sea, lakes and rivers, mountains and waterfalls, humpback whales and colorful carnivals and festivals, UNESCO world heritage in history and culture, exclusive gastronomy, sports and night life, big resorts and tiny sophisticated boutiques, hospitable people, safety and a special atmosphere of the Caribbean which makes travelers fall in love with the country at the first sight.
Q:  Can we know the best time to visit Dominican Republic by GCC and Middle East Travelers, best connection flights, entry Visa requirements and the weather during the year?
A: As mentioned before, we offer a comfortable tropical climate 365 days per year. The months of December through early March boast the most pleasant weather. Daytime temperatures hove between perfect 25-27C. Summertime is the warmest and the rainiest season of the year framing the period from April to October. Temperatures hover at 32-33C and rainstorms are frequent but short lasting. It is important to mention that the Dominican Republic is known to have the most diverse topography in the Caribbean. You can go from a sandy beach to a cool mountainous town over 500 meters above sea level in less than 3 hours. So the travelers can experience different climatic zones, apart from beaches, from thick rainforest to pine forests with near zero temperatures.
The Dominican Republic has 8 international airports, which make it easily accesible for travelers from every corner of the world. We are very well connected with regular daily basis direct flights with the majority of European countries, and North America as well. It is easy to reach the country with numerous incoming flights from North America, Canada, UK, Spain, Germany, France, Italy and charter flights.
The majority of GCC citizens do not need visa to travel to the Dominican Republic. Even if it is needed they can use their valid USA, Canada, UK or schengen visa for traveling with tourist purposes without applying for a country visa. Still the Dominican Republic Embassy is located in Abu Dhabi and the process of visa issuing is quite a simple and fast one. 
Q:  Which category of GCC and Middle East tourists are you targeting, I mean young travelers, Honeymooners or retired tourists? and what attractions can they expect to see?
A:  We target every category of tourists as we offer leisure option for every kind of traveler: Honeymooners, young travelers, family vacations in big resorts equipped with waterparks and kids clubs, luxury villas and boutiques for those who look for privacy, facilities for surfers, golfers, divers,  every equipment for disabled people etc
Every one will find what they expect to see: cultural heritage, exquisite gastronomy, night clubs and shows, casinos, variety of excursions, encounter with nature and local life, qualified service in hotels and resorts, waterfalls, mountain peaks, cruises, carnival and music festivals etc 
Q:  What about safety and Security in your country The Dominican Republic, also are you depending on Tourism as major income for foreign currency and please let us know more about The people and their culture and traditions in welcoming foreign tourists especially GCC and Middle East Tourists?
A:  The Dominican Republic is considered to be the safest destination in the Caribbean.  Common sense rules, however, and its best to take precautions just as you would when visiting any new country or large city in the world. Tourism obviously is one of the major incomes for foreign currency. We use to say that our main treasure is our people. The hospitality of our people is well known all over the world. Dominicans are very friendly and even if they do not speak your language, they will try to find a way to communicate with the tourists and show them the beauties of their country. Our main language is Spanish but the main European languages are widely spoken in all the tourist destinations. 
Q:  Was that the first time for Dominican Republic to exhibit at Arabian Travel Market, for sure you prepared and made prior contacts with Outbound Travel Agents, how you can evaluate your participation and the feedback form visitors and contacts you made?
A: It is our third time exhibiting at Arabian Travel Market and comparing to last year our database has become much wider. Last year we had a joint activity with Emirates Airlines and their partners Jet Blue and Visit Florida. We sent a group of the top agents to the country and they enjoyed it at the full. This year we met them all at the stand to share the results of the year of sales. We have had lots of new contacts and I expect to get some  good results promoting the connectivity and raising the awareness.
I feel a bit disappointed with our location as the Caribbean and American region was represented by very few of our members which is quite surprising as the region is becoming trendy in the GCC and Middle East
Q:  In two lines please , what would you say to GCC and Middle East Travelers and Tourists to encourage them to visit Dominican Republic?
A: The Dominican Republic is a paradise on earth and it literally has everything you have ever dreamed about. I would welcome the GCC and Middle East travelers to come and explore our country, which is a unique place with an unforgettable experience. 
Thank you.

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Motaz Othman, ATM2018, Dubai...During ATM18, I had the chance to visit Dominican Republic Stand at ATM18, I noticed a big stand with nice decoration and had the chance to meet Ms. Alexandra Strelsova, I asked her:more
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